Scope of the Workshop

The scope of the workshop is to bring together the scientific community working with focused electron beams as a tool for direct nanofabrication, through gas-assisted deposition and etching. The scientific program will focus on the recent advances and applications of the technique, along with the fundamental aspects of electron-molecule interaction process and precursor design. Windows on focused ion beam sibling technique will be also opened.


The scientific program will be focused on the following topics:

  • e-/molecule interaction process
  • New gas precursors’ design
  • Modeling of deposition&etching process
  • Deposition&etching fundamentals: new materials and methods, purification, characterization
  • FEBIP applications in Magnetism, Photonics and Electronics
  • 3D FEBID: fundamentals & applications
  • Focused Ion beam (Ga, He) deposition