MDPI Sensors – Special Issue on Surface Acoustic Waves Biosensors and Microfluidics

The journal Sensors has just launched the Special Issue “Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensors and Microfluidic Devices”, for which Marco Cecchini is acting as Editor.

Authors are encouraged to submit novel research papers and reviews, with areas of focus that include, but are not limited to:

1. Surface Acoustic Waves as a biosensing tool: SAW biosensors, SAW-actuated biosensors, SAW interaction with biological species (e.g., cells), functionalization strategies, multiplexing strategies, integration methods;

2. Surface Acoustic Wave microfluidics for breakthrough applications: SAW-induced acoustophoretic devices, SAW-induced acoustic streaming devices, SAW-enhanced biosensing technologies, SAW-actuators, multiplexing strategies, sample preparation.

3. Surface acoustic wave–fluid interaction and biosensing: Modeling/simulation.…/surface_acoustic_waves_biosensors_an…

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