Neuroscience 2019 – (19-23 October, Chicago , US) 
Brain targeted and biodegradable nanoparticles for enzyme replacement therapy in a Krabbe disease mouse model” A. Del Grosso , M. Galliani, L. Angella, M. Santi, I. Tonazzini, G. Parlanti, G. Signore, and M. Cecchini
3rd Nordic Autophagy Society Conference – (22-24 May, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 
Autophagy dysregulation as a new mechanism involved in the molecular pathogenesis of Krabbe disease” Del Grosso A., Angella L., Pellegrini D., Giordano N., Moscardini A., Tonazzini I., Rocchiccioli S., Caleo M., McDonnell L., and Cecchini M.
7th International Symposium on Sensor Science – (09-11 May, Napoli, Italy) 
Nanoengineering for Mechanobiology 2019 – N4M2019 (24-27 March, Camogli, Italy) 
Nanostructured biomaterials for peripheral nerve regeneration” De Masi A., Masciullo C., Mezzena R., Tonazzini I., and Cecchini M.
Hierarchical thermoplastic rippled nanostructures regulate Schwann cell adhesion, morphology and spatial organization” Masciullo C., Dell’Anna R., Tonazzini I., Bottger R., Pepponi G., and Cecchini M.
2nd European Biosensor Symposium 2019 – EBS2019 (18-21 February, Florence, Italy) 

Surface acoustic wave(SAW)- surface plasmon resonance (SPR) microfluidic biosensor for real-time monitoring and enhancement of chemical functionalization of gold films” Greco G., Agostini M. , Sonato A., Shilton R., Travagliati M. Signore G., Ruffato G., Gazzola E., Romanato F. and Cecchini M. 


NanoBio 2018 (24-28 September, Crete, Greece) 

Nanoparticle-mediated Enzyme replacement therapy and autophagy modulation: a new perspective for Krabbe disease” Del Grosso A., Angella L., Galliani M., Giordano N., Tonazzini I., Santi M., Caleo M., Signore G., Cecchini M.

MicroNanoEngineering 2018 – MNE2018 (24-27 September, Copenhagen, Denmark) 

Perfluoropolyether intermediate molds for thermal nanoimprint lithographyMasciullo C. , Sonato A., Romanato F., Cecchini M.

Acoustofluidics 2018 (29-31 August, Lille, France) 

Surface acoustic wave (SAW)-driven device for dynamic cell culturesGreco G. , Agostini M., Tonazzini I., Sallemi D., Barone S., Cecchini M.

HPLC 2018 (29/07-02/08, Washington, DC, USA) 

Exosomes Purification Strategies for New Biomarkers Discovery in CancerAnastasi F. , Cecchini M., Liam A. Mc Donnel.

11° FENS Forum of Neuroscience (7-11 July, Berlin, Germany) 

Nanoparticle-mediated Enzyme Replacement Therapy and Autophagy Modulation in Globoid Cell LeukodystrophyAngella L. , Del Grosso A., Galliani M., Giordano N., Tonazzini I., Santi M., Caleo M., Signore G., Cecchini M.

Ubiquitin ligase E3a role in axonal contact guidance: rescue strategies in (Ube3a)-deficient hippocampal neuronsTonazzini I, Masciullo C, Van Woerden GM, Mientjes E, Elgersma Y, Cecchini M.

Impaired autophagy as a new aspect involved in the molecular pathogenesis of Krabbe diseaseAmbra Del Grosso, Lucia Angella, Ilaria Tonazzini, Nadia Giordano, Davide Pellegrini, Liam A. McDonnell, Giovanni Signore, Matteo Caleo and Marco Cecchini.