It’s a pleasure to announce the 7th International workshop on Focused Electron Beam-Induced Processing (FEBIP), to be held in Modena (Italy) from 10th to 13th of July 2018.

The 7th FEBIP workshop follows the events in Delft (NL) in 2006, Thun (CH) in 2008, Albany (US) in 2010, Saragoza (ES) in 2012, Frankfurt (DE) in 2014 and Vienna (AT) in 2016.

The scope of the workshop is to bring together the community of scientists that are using focused electron beams as a tool for direct nanofabrication, through gas-assisted deposition and etching. The scientific program will focus on the recent advances and applications of the technique, along with the fundamental aspects of electron-molecule interaction process and precursor design. A window on focused ion beam sibling technique will be also opened.

The workshop is organized by the Nanoscience Institute of National Research Council (CNR), Modena S3.

On behalf of the FEBIP 2018 organizing committee, we look forward to seeing you in Modena!