Josephson Field-Effect Transistors Based on All-Metallic Al/Cu/Al Proximity Nanojunctions

"Josephson Field-Effect Transistors Based on All-Metallic Al/Cu/Al Proximity Nanojunctions" published on ACS Nano “Josephson Field-Effect Transistors Based on All-Metallic Al/Cu/Al Proximity Nanojunctions” published on ACS Nano

Researchers from SQEL have just realized field-effect controlled Josephson transistors based on proximity all-metallic mesoscopic superconductor-normal metal-superconductor junctions.

The research, published on ACS Nano by G. De Simoni and co-authors, suggests that the mechanism at the basis of the superconducting field-effect is quite general and does not rely on the existence of a true pairing potential, but rather the presence of superconducting correlations is enough for the effect to occur.

On the technological side, our findings widen the family of materials available for the implementation of all-metallic field-effect transistors to synthetic proximity-induced superconductors.

SQEL at “Highlights in Nanoscience”

Our group leader, Dr. F. Giazotto, while presenting the SQEL works at the NEST Conference 2019 “Highlights in Nanoscience”.

The SQEL group attended the 2019 NEST annual meeting “Highlights in Nanoscience” with a talk by our group leader Dr. F. Giazotto and two poster presentations.

The main goal of the conference, which has been co-organized by Dr. E. Strambini of SQEL, was to display, share and discuss the most recent activities of the NEST laboratory where we are located.

The two poster contributions of our group were “Field-effect metallic superconducting electronics” presented by C. Puglia and F. Vischi and “Revealing the Spin-Orbit Interaction in InAs nanowires” by A. Iorio.