“Digital Superconducting Quantum Machines” among the winners of “Start Cup Toscana”

Claudio Puglia collects the award for the project DSQM Claudio Puglia collects the award for the project DSQM

Digital superconducting quantum machines” (DSQM), an innovative project by SQEL researchers, is among the four winning projects of the “Start Cup Toscana 2020” an initiative that rewards the best innovative ideas born in the world of university research.

DSQM is the development of ultra-fast, low-power consumption superconducting circuits. This new frontier of information technology will contribute to the development of supercomputers 100 times faster than current ones. The project was developed by a team composed of Francesco Giazotto, Giorgio De Simoni, Elia Strambini, Federico Paolucci and Claudio Puglia from SQEL, Simone Gasparinetti (University of Chalmers) and Angelo Di Bernardo (University of Konstanz).

The technology of the DSQM project is based on the possibility of modifying the electrical current flowing in a superconductor through the application of an electric field. The team, ranked third in the competition, received a cash prize and the opportunity to participate to the “National Award for Innovation“, along with the other three awarded projects.